Local Fat & Firewood Fuel Winter Living History

A park volunteer in 18th century clothing watches an open pit fire.
VIP Jim Wilson tending the fire

Part of LCNPA’s ongoing Aid to Park supports Living History programs during the summer and our special Winter Holidays interpretation activities in late December.

Rangers staffed the Fort in period costumes showcasing activities the Corps of Discovery would also have done, like rendering tallow (fat) to make candles. Park Ranger Sally Freeman worked with local resident Bill Young to coordinate our firewood purchase. Bill even delivered and unloaded the ½ cord right to the Fort. Thanks Bill!

We buy the fat locally as well, from Warrenton’s Main St. Market where the staff sets aside fat trimmings for us to bulk purchase a couple times a year.

Shown above is VIP (Volunteer in Parks) Jim Wilson who goes the extra mile for visitors all year long. Your membership donation keeps park support local.

Thank you, members!

A beaver fur, river otter fur, coastal indigenous  styled hat, and various other trade goods on a table.
An assortment of valuable trade goods and items used by the expedition.