Traveling Trunk Program

Education no matter where your school is!

Although small in-person field trips are now back up and running, it’s understandable that classrooms may be unable to come see us in person still, especially those that are in other states! Our education team offers a wide range of traveling trunks that can be loaned out to your classroom for a small use and shipping fee depending on the distance from our park. Currently we have three unique trunks to explore with two grade ranges for each: a 3rd to 5th and 6th to 8th grade range. Each trunk includes a detailed curriculum guide with activities and suggestions.

The trunk focusing on Scientific Discovery includes equipment for modern use and display, books, resource guides, posters, and more. This trunk focuses on the natural science portion of the expedition and is a great way to tie history and science together.

For a trunk that focuses on the expedition itself and its time here at Fort Clatsop, look no further than the Fort Clatsop Explorers trunk. With buckskin clothing, a candle mold, flint-n-steel fire starting kit, powder horn, trade items, Jefferson peace medal, examples of furs, books, posters, and more, this trunk is a definitive Fort Clatsop experience in a box (rain and cold not included)! If you’re looking for assets to help with a lesson on American history or the Lewis and Clark Expedition itself you’ll find items here to help students learn.

The Clatsop and Chinookan Culture of the Lower Columbia River trunk is an invaluable tool for teaching about the culture of the local indigenous people. Their connection with not only the Lewis and Clark Expedition but also the fur trade has cemented them as playing an important role in early United States history. With replica tools, informational packets and more you’ll be able to teach with respect, and spread knowledge of how the local people thrive in a climate that the expedition considered to be very difficult.

The traveling trunk program has been a popular success with schools nationwide. If you’d like to consider it for your teaching plans or just want more information, visit or click on “Education” from our partner’s homepage at to find out more and make a trunk reservation today!