Eyes on Air Quality with New Park Purple Air Monitors

BY CARLA COLE, CHIEF OF RESOURCE MANAGEMENT As wildfire seasons seem to keep getting longer and hotter across the west, smoky skies have caused increasing concerns around air quality and health. Wildfires from as far away as Canada can cause smoke to linger over communities in Northwest Oregon. Smokey air from wildfires is full of […]

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The Corps of Discovery and Its Love/Hate Relationship with the Moccasin

When the Corps of Discovery began its expedition from the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers in May 1804 seeking a water passage west to the Pacific Ocean, little was known about the terrain of their journey. Not surprisingly, footwear became a tool of survival as the Corps covered approximately 8,000 miles round trip

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Chronolog Stations Enable Community Scientists

BY KAYLA FERMIN, BIOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN Since the 1880s, over 70% of historical tidal wetlands in the ColumbiaRiver estuary have been lost due to human impacts such as diking, landconversion for agriculture, and urban development. Beginning in 2006,the National Park Service has been actively restoring areas along the Lewisand Clark River contributing to the recovery of

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Volunteers in Action

BY SALLY FREEMAN, VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR Lewis and Clark National Historical Park is thrilled to announce that parkvolunteer Bob Zimmerling is the winner of this year’s “George and HelenHartzog Enduring Volunteer Service Award” for the National Park Service’sPacific West Region! Bob has been a Volunteer in Park (VIP) at Fort Clatsopsince the mid-1980s when his family

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Summer Youth Engagement

BY JILL HARDING, CHIEF OF VISITOR SERVICES Park education staff met with approximately 150 Astoria elementary and middleschool students over three days early in July to run mini-camps in person at theSouth Netul Landing park unit. This was in lieu of a virtual camp, and at therequest of schools that have federal funding for summer

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Questions? and Answers!

We get a lot of questions at Fort Clatsop. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers, courtesy of our amazing park rangers! From LCNHP Ranger Alicea Powell: Aside from where are the bathrooms . . . I think the most common question is about why the roof is slanted in. The design is based

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